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24 November 2010 @ 07:25 pm
Hello everyone!
Sorry for the lack of updating. I know it's been a long time :p
This time, I try to do animation icons.
Because Megan is just too gorgeous in Armani commecial
so I couldn't resist to make these for her!
I know they're not that perfect but I'll keep on working.
Hope you enjoy!

[74] Megan Fox (included 14 animation icons)
[05] Jared Leto
[20] ANTM cycle 15

mf-25-24 mf-25-31  leto11 by lovebrit_23 

[74] Megan Fox (included 14 animation icons)

 mf-25-07 mf-25-08 mf-25-09 mf-25-10 06-10
mf-25-11 mf-25-12 mf-25-13 mf-25-14 mf-25-22 11-15
mf-25-23 mf-25-24 mf-25-25 mf-25-26 mf-25-27 16-20
mf-25-28 mf-25-29 mf-25-30 mf-25-31 mf-25-32 21-25
mf-25-33 mf-25-34 mf-25-35 mf-25-36 mf-25-37 26-30
mf-25-38 mf-25-39 mf-25-40 mf-25-41 mf-25-42 31-35
mf-25-43 mf-25-44 mf-25-45 mf-25-46 mf-25-47 36-40
mf-25-48 mf-25-49 mf-25-50 mf-25-51 mf-25-52 41-45
mf-25-53 mf-25-54 mf-25-55 mf-25-56 mf-25-57 46-50
mf-25-58 mf-25-59 mf-25-60 mf-21-01 mf-21-03 51-55
mf-24-02 mf-24-01 mf-23-01 mf-23-02 mf-23-03 56-60
     61-65     66-70    71-74

[05] Jared Leto

 leto9 by lovebrit_23 leto10 by lovebrit_23 leto11 by lovebrit_23 leto12 by lovebrit_23 01-05

[20] ANTM cycle 15

 lovebrit_23 ann-01 lovebrit_23 chris-01 lovebrit_23 esther-01 lovebrit_23 jane-02 01-05
lovebrit_23 kayla-01 lovebrit_23 kendal-01 lovebrit_23 lexie-01 lovebrit_23 rihanna-01 lovebrit_23 sara-02 06-10lovebrit_23 liz-01 lovebrit_23 terra-01 lovebrit_23 kacey-01 lovebrit_23 sara-01 lovebrit_23 jane-01 11-15
lovebrit_23 chelsey-01 lovebrit_23 chelsey-02 lovebrit_23 chelsey-03 lovebrit_23 chelsey-04 lovebrit_23 chelsey-05 16-20

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- don't hesitate to tell me your opinions!
- enjoy :)
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juliaheartsjuliahearts on November 25th, 2010 03:55 pm (UTC)
snagged some megan animated! <33
Sashalovebrit_23 on November 25th, 2010 04:59 pm (UTC)
thanks for telling! enjoy :)